Chi flows where your attention goes, 29.06.2019

Chi flows where your attention goes, 29.06.2019

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Samstag, 29.06.2019, Uhrzeit: 15.00 – 18.00
Lehrerin: Andrea Kwiatkowski

If our attention is on Netflix , outwardly focused a lot of the time then it’s no wonder our energy is scattered and distracted. In this yin yoga workshop we will be placing our attention inward, using yin asana , pranayama, meditation and Daoist techniques to explore shaping our motivation for practice.

This is a 3hr workshop developing our energy body or as referred by the Daoists “growing your spirit body from the inside out“.

Andrea is a certified Level 2 Yin yoga teacher and continues to study with Sarah Powers developing her inter discipline approach of yin yoga, buddhism and in-depth psychology. She has been studying yin yoga since 2003 and teaching the style since 2007.

You can find her classes online at, and she is an ambassador for the Asquith yoga company. Living in Cambridge Andrea runs classes, workshops and retreats worldwide. Website:

Chi flows where your attention goes, mit Andrea Kwiatkowski
Samstag, 29. Juni 2019
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